Month: October 2014

When the Costumes Don’t Come Off: Why Your ‘Cultural Costume’ Is Probably Not Okay

The most important takeaway from this post is that wearing someone's identity as a costume is a privilege. Halloween is upon us, and I can already smell [...]

Friday Feminist Playlist

  Mix by KVJ   Elizabeth Cotten - Freight train Gil Scott-Heron - I'm new here Erik Satie - Trois Gymnopédies with an excerpt [...]

Blockbuster-Scaled Silencing of Survivors: Gone Girl and the Urgency of Trigger Warnings in Films

**Strong trigger warnings for discussions of rape, sexual assault, domestic violence, dismissal of survivor stories, and Men’s Rights [...]

Yakkity Yak– UNC Should Talk Back: Yik Yak’s Affect on Perceptions of the New Sexual Assault Policy

***Trigger Warning for violent, misogynistic language related to rape/sexual assault.*** Those who wonder if UNC’s new sexual assault policy is necessary [...]

Ending “Busy”: Feminism, Mental Health, and Student Self-Care

Trigger warning for discussions of mental health and related subjects, including suicide. There is one subject that Carolina students—and specifically [...]

Friday Feminist Playlist

black&blue ain't always a bruise (2014) by nicole misha campbell   34 excuses for why we failed at love     warsan shire roanoke [...]

Emma Watson Gave a Lesson in Basic White Feminism and I Was Bored

If you've frequented the Internet in the last week or so, it’s likely that you've been caught up in the frenzy surrounding the feminist cry heard round the [...]