“Keep Your Eyes on Hellerstedt”

NARAL Editorial Piece by Justine Schnitzler—NARAL Campus Representative, UNC-Chapel Hill   In 1973, Roe v. Wade legally consecrated a [...]

Rey: A Force of Nature

By Sarah Muzzillo I'm a brand new Star Wars fan. It's sad to admit, but I had never seen any of the movies prior to a couple months ago. I’m sure your jaw [...]

When I stopped giving a shit about my zit

By Sarah Muzzillo It’s been a long week. I’ve gone to bed around 1:30 a.m. and woken up at 8 a.m. for the past five days in a row – thanks to my first [...]

Stop HB 465

We’re going to make this quick, because we don’t have a lot of time. A terrible bill was just announced and it’s going to impact all of us here in North [...]

Sorority leaders must stop blaming survivors

I could never take another a swig of beer. I could dress “modestly” (whatever that means). I could never walk into a dark party and show my moves on the [...]

Ending “Busy”: Feminism, Mental Health, and Student Self-Care

Trigger warning for discussions of mental health and related subjects, including suicide. There is one subject that Carolina students—and specifically [...]

Emma Watson Gave a Lesson in Basic White Feminism and I Was Bored

If you've frequented the Internet in the last week or so, it’s likely that you've been caught up in the frenzy surrounding the feminist cry heard round the [...]

It Happens Here: Street Harassment and Violence in the “Southern Part of Heaven”

As members of the senior class have begun to mentally prepare for that fateful day in May, many of us have started waxing poetic about the Chapel Hill icons we [...]

No Cuts, No Fees, UNC can be Debt-Free!

BY: THE NORTH CAROLINA STUDENT POWER UNION The mission statement of our university system cites section 9 of the North Carolina Constitution, stating one of [...]

Walk a Mile UNC style: A Response to Criticism

Later today, my fraternity, Sigma Phi, is sponsoring an event called Walk a Mile in Her Shoes: Chapel Hill. The walk is a fundraiser for the Orange County Rape [...]