Friday Feminist Playlist

black&blue ain’t always a bruise

(2014) by nicole misha campbell


34 excuses for why we failed at love     warsan shire

roanoke field recordings   michael rasbury

dr. echt    _   laurel halo

gave me my name     fatima

suzanne     nina simone    (leonard cohen cover)

it’s ok  greg fox     [and]

earth kitt on love and compromise

penny’s confession       ras g

vibrate  andre 3000

[the heathers … girl scout cookie]

audre lorde//the best man ≈≈≈

universal glow     shanti celeste (into)

OL 4 my people –  imi_

bye      j dilla (feb 7)

segundos, segundos, segundos  finis africae

autumn rain (Dyrehaven, denmark) recorded by kristian pontoppidan

ashrae fax             fits and starts (bee yrself)


about me:

from brklyn to durham. artist, disc jockey, writer, celestial body, daughter, sister, organizer, a woman-being boyishly, human prism. fleshy radio wave. furthering my commitment to putting what i need for myself into the universe. dancing all over and through this revolution. main goals are healing, self-love, and making making making. aquarius sun, scorpio moon, venus in pisces. often hungry for food and for love.


about this mix:

how many things in the universe are about heartbreak haha.  and how many ways can we make heartbreak an issue of feminism? and it is. it truly is. and at it’s very core it’s also about rejection. it’s about time and space and essence. and it’s about a terrible someone. someone who doesn’t see your heart of honey. of amber inside of you. but maybe you didn’t find their’s either. and it’s about finding yourself in the break. (thanks fred moten). there are so many things we see in the break. so many ways that the magma leaks out of us and we feel the heat. we feel what has been suppressed by “love.” and we see what can ooze out because of Real Love. this mix is about breaking and healing and getting to know our love lava. it’s about finding love in water, in the ocean, in the air. it’s about not letting your love evaporate for good. wet_woke_washed     getting to weep and ponder and swim and choke and dance ourselves into the loving reality we so deeply wish for. share this with someone who needs Real Love. Which is Everyone.