Why we revamped the Siren

Identifying yourself as a feminist must mean that you are man-hating or bra-burning person.

These misconceptions about feminists cause many to misunderstand and stray away from feminism.

However, after taking an abundant amount of women’s and gender studies classes and reading through works examining theories constructed by numerous feminists, our working definition of feminism emphasizes the empowerment of women through the encouraged recognition of their self-worth and contributions to making this world a better place.

As feminists, we seek to promote gender equality and equity while simultaneously highlighting the work of women.

Majority of the enrolled students on the campus of UNC, both from graduate and undergraduate departmental programs, identify as being female.

In spite of this, there has been limited publications that address the issues women encounter or one that displays accomplished work by women at UNC Chapel Hill. In essence, the voices of female-identifying individuals are not often represented in the social discourse.

Acknowledging the need for women voices, we revamped The Siren to feature the work of strong, powerful women on campus.

We hope to encourage readers to utilize this publication as a framework and a medium to express their voice.

In addition, we hope to provide readers with creative tools designated for discovering, developing, and challenging their identities and life philosophies.

Through the dissemination of The Siren, we desire to educate, stimulate discussion, foster the collective objective of achieving equality and social rights for all, and ultimately empower women and everyone on UNC campus.

Ping Nguyen ’14
Women’s studies
Rucca Ademola ’14
Women’s studies

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