THIS WEEK IN THE CLEANSE: Haiti Has Been Fighting U.S. Racism Since 1804. And isn’t that the truth?

By Lydia Shiel, Staff Columnist The past four months have been particularly fruitful as far as horrifying news concerning international relations with Haiti go. But then again, so have the past 200 years.   Dick Durbin informed us at the beginning of the year that Donald Trump referred to Haiti and some unnamed African nations as sh**holes [...]

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A Galentine’s Day Manifesto

Wisdom. Power. Lady Knowledge. These are the tenants of the most celebrated of holidays: Galentine’s. Image from Philly Of course, it doesn’t have to [...]

How Feminism Shaped My Life

When I think about feminism, I think of the women who have shaped who I am today. I grew up in a socially conservative Latino household, where my dad was - and still is - [...]

Why UNC Gets Involved with Title IX

For the past year, much of our campus has been engaged in a major dialogue about the implications of Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972. Title IX protects people [...]

It all starts with Courtney Love

It all starts with Courtney Love. Flailing down a rabbit hole of lost concert footage and forgotten interviews on YouTube, I found Courtney’s 1995 interview with the [...]

Unveiling Illusions: Embodying Feminism, Embodying the Veil

“What’s in a woman’s head is a lot more important than what’s on it.” -Sherifa Zuhur “The Outer- from the Inner Derives its Magnitude.” -Emily [...]

On Finding Sisterhood

I still remember what it felt like to walk through the halls of a high school and know you were an ugly girl. It always seemed as though every woman was looking down out of [...]

Pop Culture: A Weapon and a Tool

Let’s talk about Miley Cyrus. No? How about the new Fifty Shades of Gray movie? Amanda Bynes’ twitter? Erm… Have you tuned out yet? Please, don’t! Pop culture [...]

The Need for Feminism in Health Care

During the summer of 2013, I had an opportunity to volunteer as a public health counselor at the Carrboro Community Health Center. Through the guidance of Student Health [...]

Losing Faith

I never knew Faith Hedgepeth. I was never graced with her warm smile, nor was I familiar with the optimistic spirit and joy she brought to those who remember her. Yet, from [...]

Midwives: Reclaiming Maternal Health Rights

What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear the word ‘midwife’? For me, it was outdated homebirths and ‘70s hippie women. With the medicalization of [...]