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Dallas Buyers Club: SIREN OSCAR REVIEW

There’s a moment in Dallas Buyers Club when Jared Leto’s character Rayon tells God that when she meets Him, she wants to be pretty, a “beautiful [...]

It all starts with Courtney Love

It all starts with Courtney Love. Flailing down a rabbit hole of lost concert footage and forgotten interviews on YouTube, I found Courtney’s 1995 [...]

Pop Culture: A Weapon and a Tool

Let’s talk about Miley Cyrus. No? How about the new Fifty Shades of Gray movie? Amanda Bynes’ twitter? Erm… Have you tuned out yet? Please, don’t! [...]


Mu(Sick) Lyrics: by Madiha Bhatti So I heard this song the other day That objectified women in every way That doesn’t narrow it down much But [...]