tunes with nina: Plums

By Nina Tan, Staff Columnist

For this first weekly edition of tunes with nina, I thought I’d cover one of my most favorite, slept-on, easily accessible and very likeable bands. Plums encapsulates a dreamy, breezy, suburban emptiness in a short seven-track long record, titled Jen, after one of the bandmates’ grandmothers. The band is made up out of ‘14 high school graduates hailing from Boston, Massachusetts. The album, which released in July 2015, rides the same wavelength that other popular dreampop artists such as Mac DeMarco, Mild High Club, Beach Fossils, and Alex
Calder tuned.

“parking lots”, the first track on the album, is moderately paced with catchy, yet auroral guitar riffs. “julia gloria” and “lounger” are slower, acoustic ballads that evoke feelings of lost love. “fine madeline” features a silvery, savvy guitar riff that differs from “parking lots”. In an interview with Fairweather Magazine, the bandmates described the hue of their record as “the saddest brown of all time”. While the bandmates themselves criticize Jen as “conforming” and similar to releases in the current genre, it’s still an excellent record. And that’s what I call music.



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Images courtesy of Plums.