Getting My Vagina High (Legally)

By Anonymous Contributor



I’ve always been someone who hasn’t had much luck when it comes to orgasm. It could be because of my anxiety, my past with sexual trauma, the stigmas I’ve internalized about women’s sexuality, etc, etc. Just when I think I’m getting close, I either am overwhelmed and “numb out” as my partner and I call it, or I have a tiny orgasm and call it quits.

So when my partner and I ended up in Colorado this summer, we were up for an experiment. The company Foria has a series of cannabis infused items for sex play—made for heightened pleasure, relaxation, decreased pain, etc. (legal in Colorado and other states where cannabis is legal for recreational and medical use). We bought a single use packet of Foria Pleasure—a vaginal organic coconut oil based lube infused with 15mg of THC—as we explored a cannabis dispensary and decided that this would be the next of our sexual experiments that night.


Review of Literature

A UNC-educated gal, I did my research before digging into this journey. It seemed the product wasn’t meant to give folks a psychoactive high—just to add to the sensation of sex. While edible, the product is not meant for ingestion, and if your partner performs oral sex while the lubricant is in use, sources warn that they can get seriously stoned. While Foria Pleasure is specifically designed for vaginas, I also found that Foria makes other products, such as suppositories and lubes, for anal play and menstrual relief. People who’ve used Foria Pleasure in the past reported a variety of results, including relaxation, better sex, more frequent & intense orgasms, and, my personal favorite, better sleep.


Finally, something super important about Foria is that it is not compatible with Latex products—including condoms. So if you’re considering trying it out, consider using it with a partner with whose sexual history you are familiar, silicone condoms, and/or sex toys that do not contain latex.



Foria suggests waiting 15-30 minutes after application of the lube before sexual activity to let it activate, and the website notes that it may take some people about an hour to achieve full results. I applied the Foria about 15 minutes before any intimacy, about 30 minutes before oral sex, and 45 minutes before penis in vagina penetrative sex. The regular size of Foria Pleasure is usually sold in a larger squirt bottle—and the recommended application amount is thus generally described in “sprays”. Because I had a single use bottle, I just used everything in the package, applying it like any other lubricant. Since I had to wait for it to activate, I didn’t do it any fancy sort of way—just applied it myself in the bathroom, got naked and waited for my partner.

The website does note to fully lubricate the clitoris, vagina, and labia—getting as much fully inside the vagina for maximum pleasure. I did my best to follow those instructions—but let’s be real, fingers can only reach so far.



So I should first note here that the lube super duper smells like cannabis and coconut oil. That may seem obvious. It may not. But, in the way that we all know that lube always sticks around, that smell sticks around for a second. Be prepared to smell, very gently, like weed.

In about ten minutes, things were definitely going on down there. It felt a weird sort of numb—which could have been the blood rushing down there, but also could have been my vagina trying to breathe through all that lube. In about fifteen minutes, I felt super relaxed. And by the time my partner started to touch my vagina (after asking, of course), every sensation was intensified. It was awesome.


We stopped oral sex pretty early because of A) the taste, B) the fact that it felt like the lube was coming off, and, perhaps most importantly, C) the growing fear that my partner was going to get stoned out of his mind. However, I think it’s safe to say that the penetrative sex was potentially the best penetrative experience of my life. I didn’t have a huge explosive orgasm, but I did have a small one, which is really something for me. And the intensity made me more aware of what did and did not feel good, which I found super helpful. I’m unsure of exactly how to describe it, other than just better sensations. Nothing feels more sensitive or like Pop Rocks in your vagina or something; it’s just that every sensation was its own experience and somehow felt more deeply. And it was just honestly really, really fun.



Especially for other people who have a hard time orgasming or have anxiety around sex, 10/10 would recommend. It doesn’t change sex—there’s no wild hot or cold sensations or weird friction that one might expect. It’s just sex, but better. I found that I was better able to communicate what felt good and connect with my partner while feeling all kinds of great things. If you’re ever in Colorado (or Massachusetts, Oregon, California—you get the picture) and have a vagina, give it a shot.