Building and promoting your online presence

You can have the best web site on the internet, but if no one knows it’s there – what’s the point? Things to consider in your promotional strategy: Online advertising with Google/Yahoo; Search Engine registration and optimization; Privacy Policy; Copyright and Disclaimer.

How to Become a Better Blogger – Online Presence

Now let’s consider building and promoting your online presence. Does your self-marketing strategy include a strong web presence? It should. You can expect to be ‘googled’. When your name (brand, key word) is googled, you want it to be you (your blog) that the reader sees. What does a search of your name reveal? Or not reveal?

I’d like to share some tips for professionals working online that I believe bloggers can relate to and should act upon.

My four good tips on Building your online professional presence:

Buy your domain name.

Even if you don’t do a lot with it, you should own a domain name that matches (as close as possible) your name. Your online brand is important, and guess what, despite how many employers you may ultimately have, you’ll likely keep that same name for life!

Understand your Google profile.

Most potential employers are going to use Google, so you may as well focus on the search results there. What’s being said about you, what pages are indexed? Don’t just look at stuff that is about you, look at listings that are about someone with the same name, yet maybe negative. You should be prepared to explain that the person convicted for 3 counts of armed robbery, is not actually you.

Own your brand.

When someone searches for your name, you should try and make sure you have as much control over what they see, as possible. Set up a Flickr account, LinkedIn profile, blog, user-group profile, etc. While you may need the talents of a search marketer to ensure these pages appear in the top 10 of a search engine, you don’t stand any chance if you don’t actually take the time to create the profile in the first place.

Destroy the evidence.

Ok, so while most stuff you put online is there for eternity, that doesn’t mean you can’t try some damage control. That blog post you uploaded – the one where you went on an all night drinking binge and broke into the local Krispy Kreme – remove it! While it may still exist somewhere on the web, it is less likely to show up in the Google search results, if you’ve removed it from your own blog/social network.